One-click calling.
From your webpage.
At your URL.
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- No credit card required
No downloads. No installation. Friends and clients simply visit your new webpage and click a button to call you right from their browser. Your free webpage is included with your account and is viewable at the username URL that you can claim now. Hurry before someone else claims your name!
Our current meeting tool involves bookings, pin codes, dial in numbers etc. and when it doesn’t work its pretty embarrassing. urLive helps to bypass all of this and removed the stress of setting up a meeting.
Michael L Fraser Health
One-click calling. Perfect for solopreneurs. Your all-in-one website, calling and schedule solution to grow your business. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PRO PLAN
Create an account in seconds and then share your custom URL, or let people find you by entering to find you.
Seamlessly switch between IM, audio and video within the same call, all directly in your browser - no downloads or plugins.
Easily personalize your page with text images and add social media links all in one place.
Quickly and simply share your weekly schedule to let others know when you'll be online receive calls.
Choose from a variety of custom templates that can be changed instantly including Resume, Product and Portfolio.
Never miss a call by linking your phone number to your account. You'll receive SMS notifications of incoming calls when you are not logged in.
Make group calls with up to 4 participants in the same conversation.
Collaborate with others by sharing your desktop or application in screenshare mode.
Have up to 10 incoming calls at once. Answer the calls in any order that you wish.
Use the urLive app to notify you of incoming calls on mobile Apple iOS or Google Android devices.
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REFERRAL BONUS!Refer a friend and get an additional 30 days of our Pro plan for free. That means you get a $24 value for every account created when they sign up with your referral. **restrictions apply (each account can claim this reward a maximum of 12 times).
Friends don’t need accounts to call you and you don’t need to share hyperlinks or create chatrooms.
Empower your team to convert website visitors without losing sales momentum to ineffective call-backs or email capture campaigns.
Say hello with our chat widget: The urLive chat widget easily installs on your existing website. We provide the custom code that you simply copy and paste into your website and you’re all set. Now anyone who visits your website simply clicks a button to start a call with you or your team. It’s that easy!
The ease of access was the winning factor. My student on rotation could easily connect with me, no waiting for IT to set her up, she didn’t even need to create an account
S. B.
Academic Detailer
Being able to accept calls on my phone and flip between the cameras is really useful for demonstrating products to customers when on the showroom floor
Catherine E.
Project Manager
The product and what urLive offers is great. The fact that everything is contained in the browser and I can make a call without signing up or having to create an account is really impressive
Delreen M.
Business Manager
Join a simpler way to talk online.
Claim your Free URL username and start talking in seconds. No downloads or complicated installations, simply click to call.