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One-click Video Customer Engagement

Customers connect with your Sales and Customer Service teams using Video, Audio or Instant Messaging from your Website, Email or Text/SMS. urLive's Infinity Link™ and Cloud PBX™ enhances your online customer engagement for quickly closing sales, shortening resolution support times, and improving customer satisfaction scores.

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How it works

Teams around the world and across industries use urLive
  • Abralab
  • Caravest Capital
  • KU Sob
  • Zap Wifi
  • Office Timeline
  • Pearl Fisher

urLive connects customers to your teams, faster

Infinity Link URL

  • One-Click URL Calling: Callers simply click your Infinity Link enabled on billions of devices without software download or account creation.

  • Multiple Power URLs™: Power URLs enhance your Infinity Link for instant calling (video, audio or IM), call scheduling, payment for your services and much more.

  • Engage Customers Quickly: Simplify connecting customers with APPROPRIATE agents in a TIMELY manner.

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Cloud PBX for Team Call Groups

  • One-Click Team Calling: Customers click your Infinity Link and are instantly routed to the appropriate agents on your team.

  • Instantly Configurable Call Groups: Easily add and remove agents to your Team Infinity Link's Call Group. Quickly reorder call routing by using our simple to use web portal designed for regular humans not technicians.

  • Never Miss a Lead: Customers can easily schedule a convenient time for a future call if your agents are busy or unavailable.

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Team Calling

Superior In-Call Experience

  • HD Quality: Crystal clear video and audio leverages our peer-to-peer technology so you can showcase your products with clarity.

  • Powerful In-Call Tools: Simple screen sharing and lightning fast file transfer allow your agents to close deals faster.

  • Encrypted Communication: All video, audio, messages and files are encrypted during urLive calls to increase privacy.

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Flexible, Easy Deployment

  • Multiple Deployment Options: Your Infinity Link works just as easily from webpages, kiosks, email, text/SMS, QR codes, mobile apps and urLive's chat widget.

  • Instant Kiosks: Deploy kiosks for your customers using only urLive and off-the-shelf Apple/Android tablets or Windows touch-screens and Chromebooks.

  • No-code Deployment in Seconds: Both urLive Inifnity Links and Cloud PBX Call Groups are configured through a simple portal. Start receiving calls immediately!

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Chat Widget

Never Miss a Customer Call

  • Easy Call Scheduling: Customers can easily schedule meetings on your agents' schedules without the back-and-forth emails. Customer calls are queued and they can also leave messages for call backs.

  • Scheduled Call Reminders: Reminder emails with call links are automatically resent 10 minutes before scheduled calls to both agents and customers.

  • Attended Call Transfer: Agents can jump between calls and invite other agents to assist customers.

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Advanced Features

  • Branded Web Presence: Customizable Infinity Link webpage is included with every account. Easily brand your call page and profile page with your company's logo and colors.

  • Low Fixed-Cost and Cost Certainty: Unlimited calling, no per-minute or per-call charges.

  • Enterprise Ready: Skills-based routing, attended call transfer, call forwarding, micro-billing, detailed call reporting and analytics, call-back, messaging and more.

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Advanced Features

Free Mobile Apps

  • Never Miss A Call: urLive's mobile apps ensure your agents receive every customer call when on the go.

  • Free: These feature-rich urLive apps are included as part of the urLive service.

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Free Mobile Apps

See how urLive is transforming businesses

Customer Service

Enhance customer support

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Remote Retail Sales

Personalize the sales experience

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Remote Recruiting

Interview and build relationships by video call

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Drive prospects to your showroom

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Healthcare Clinics

Virtual patient visits

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Educator remote office hours that are better than in-person

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What customers are saying


iPad Kiosks using urLive teams one-click video helped us keep students on track for classes during COVID and let faculty sort out all kinds of issues

Michael Brock II

University of Kansas

Being able to accept calls on my phone and flip between the cameras is really useful for demonstrating products to customers when on the showroom floor

Catherine Elias

Project Manager

urLive has helped us provide instant customer support and our customers are impressed when a human answers their request using HD video

Andre Boisvert

General Manager, Zap

The ease of access was the winning factor. My student on rotation could easily connect with me, no waiting for IT to set her up, she didn’t even need to create an account

Mark Thomlison

Academic Detailer

I want to use urLive’s one-click video calling for


Paid Consulting
Scheduling Calendar

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Infinity Link calls teams of agents
Customer Service and Remote Sales

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Included personal web page
Private and secure

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