urLive releases Zero-click calling, Power URLs and Scheduling Bot
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Callers simply click your reusable, urLive Infinity URL link to quickly video call you from your website, email or text/SMS, without downloading software or creating accounts. You or your team of up to 100, answers from their computers or mobile phones. Easy set-up, be up and running in minutes.
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Being able to accept calls on my phone and flip between the cameras is really useful for demonstrating products to customers when on the showroom floor
Catherine E. Project Manager
How urLive works
Inifnity URL
  • Zero-Click URL Calling: Callers type your urLive infinity link into the browser and hit enter. No clicking required!
  • Simple Incoming Calling: Callers don’t need to create accounts or login
  • Power URLs: URLs which instantly call you (Video, Audio or IM), schedule calls with you or link to your profile page.
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Team Calling
  • One-Click Team Calling: Single customer click calls your team of up to 100
  • Team URL: Custom branded URL per team
  • Team Page: Each URL gets its own, customizable team page
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Superior In-Call Experience
  • HD Quality: Crystal clear video and audio using peer-to-peer technology.
  • Encryption for audio, video, messaging and file sharing: All media (audio/voice) and data (messages/files) are encrypted during your urLive calls.
  • Communication Privacy: We don’t show ads or sell your data.
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Chat Widget
  • Low Fixed-Cost: No per minute or per call charges.
  • Easy-to-Deploy: Add to your website with a simple copy and paste.
  • Integration in minutes: Just copy your urLive widget code to your website and you’re done. Start receiving calls immediately.
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  • Easy Call Scheduling: Schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails.
  • Schedule and Forget: urLive automatically calls registered users for scheduled meetings.
  • Scheduled Call Reminder: Notification emails with call links sent 10 minutes before each meeting.
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Advanced Features
  • Included Web Presence: Customizable web page at your URL is included with every account.
  • Multiple Incoming Call Lines: Receive up to 100 calls at the same time. Jump between calls.
  • Social Networking Launch-Pad: Add links to your social networks, other websites or email all in one place.
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Free Mobile Apps
  • Never Miss A Call: Mobile apps notify you of calls even when you’re not logged in to your browser.
  • Free: These feature rich apps are included as part of the urLive service.
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The ease of access was the winning factor. My student on rotation could easily connect with me, no waiting for IT to set her up, she didn’t even need to create an account
S. B.
Academic Detailer
Our current meeting tool involves bookings, pin codes, dial in numbers etc. and when it doesn’t work its pretty embarrassing. urLive helps to bypass all of this and removed the stress of setting up a meeting.
Michael L
Fraser Health
The product and what urLive offers is great. The fact that everything is contained in the browser and I can make a call without signing up or having to create an account is really impressive
Delreen M.
Business Manager
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