urLive Frequently Asked Questions
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  • How to create urLive account?
  • How to edit your profile?
  • How to change page template?
  • How to make calls?
  • Learn more about our Pro Plan
  • Benefits of Pro Plan over Personal Plan
  • How to connect your Social Media accounts
  • Learn more about the Team plan.
  • How to activate your Team's page?
  • How to add seats to your team?
  • How to use Chat Widget?
The Basics
  • Free, simple in-browser calling without the need for downloads or complicated installations. Claim your URL to be reachable by anyone and enjoy frictionless communication.
  • Visit www.url.live/beta and in three easy steps you can create your account.
  • Enter your email Id to get your Beta account.

  • Confirm your email Id to register your account.

  • Once you have confirmed your email address, you will receive an activation email. Just click the 'Create Account' button in the email and urLive!

  • Pick your personal URL username and claim it by registering your account.

  • Share your own personal URL with friends and clients. Anyone visiting your webpage can begin 1:1 video, audio calling and instant messaging with a click of a button. Real time conversations through the web browser available to you anytime any place.
Click the link below to watch the video on:
Creating urLive account
  • urLive removes the need for complicated installations or downloads, no need for room keys or access passwords. You can call any existing urLive member from any modern web browser without even needing to create an account yourself.
  • The pricing of urLive is shown in the Billing menu.

  • All you need is a compatible browser and you are ready to go – no downloads or plugins. You can also access your urLive profile and instant messaging from your mobile devices. For the best experience, we recommend you use Google Chrome (but any of the modern browsers will work just as well).
  • You can access your urLive account from anywhere in the world to conduct messaging, audio or video conversations. Our web application is available in a variety of different languages.
  • Operating systems:
    Windows, Mac OS and Linux
  • Devices:
    Android – Samsung, LG, Google, HTC, Sony
    iOS - v11 and above

My urLive Page
  • Once you are logged into your account, go to ‘My Page’ in the top navigation menu. This will open your page in an editable mode.

  • Click on any of the Edit buttons to add or change personal information to your selected webpage template.

Click the link below to watch the video on:
Editing your profile page
  • Once you are logged into your account go to ‘My Page’ in the top navigation menu. Select “Change Image” on any of the webpage templates to customize your page with your own images.

  • Depending upon the webpage template chosen you can add any of the following images:

    • Your Avatar
    • Background Image
    • Signature Image

  • Optimal dimensions for images are 732x432 and image file should be smaller than 4mb.

  • For some of the webpage templates (Portfolio, Product) you can upload and display multiple images.

  • View your page by selecting ‘My Page’ from the top navigation bar when you are logged in.

    • Or just type your own personal URL into the browser when logged out to see how your profile page appears for visitors to your site.

  • Use your urLive page to connect all your social accounts in one place. You get to decide which social accounts to display on your profile page. As well as your social accounts you can add email addresses, blogs or links to any other website.
  • From your page just click the Social Links button to add any links. (Note: ensure you add http:// or https:// at the start of the link to connect the account) Selected Social Accounts will display on your Public Profile with the ability for visitors to link directly through to them.

Click the link below to watch the video on:
Connecting your social media accounts.
  • urLive gives you the flexibility to change your public page at any time. No re-entering of information - the relevant data is auto populated into the new template style. You can get access to even more templates on our Pro plan.

  • Go to the Dashboard and select 'Page Manager'. Choose the appropriate template for your page and hit Save and Preview Public Profile.

  • Also, if you've got an idea for a template, let us know. We are always interested in hearing our customers feedback.
Click the link below to watch the video on:
How to change page template?
  • Your notifications are there as a helpful reminder of tasks that require attention such as ensuring your profile is completed. Click on the 'Notifications' button in your Dashboard to view any outstanding notifications.
  • Once tasks are complete you can go ahead and clear out the notification by pressing the ‘X’. (Note: certain Notifications can only be cleared out once the relevant action has been completed)

  • You can change your password, or the email associated with your account directly from the admin panel. Go to 'My Account' from the top navigation bar to view the current email or password associated with the account.

App Store
  • Click the "Download on the iOS App Store" button above or open iOS App Store on your device and search for "urLive".
  • Click the Install button.
    • Sign into your Apple account if prompted
  • Open up the urLive app and sign in with your urLive username and password.
  • That’s it – you will now be notified of incoming urLive calls on your device even when your browser is closed!

Google Play Store
  • Click the "GET IT ON Google Play" button above or open Google Play Store on your device and search for "urLive".
  • Click the Install button.
    • Sign into your Google account if prompted
  • Open up the urLive app and sign in with your urLive username and password.
  • That’s it – you will now be notified of incoming urLive calls on your device even when your browser is closed!

Accounts and Billing
  • On our Personal Plan you get your own personal URL, your webpage and the ability to make 1:1 IM, Audio and Video call for free.

  • Our Pro Plan allows the ability for multi-party calls for up to 4 participants at the same time. It also unlocks additional premium features to manage and set your online availability, call blocking and filtering, and multiple call lines.

Watch the video below to learn about the benefits of Pro Plan.
Benefits of Pro Plan over Personal Plan
  • You can upgrade to a Pro or Team account at any time once you have registered your account.

  • Go to ‘Billing’ from the bottom settings menu.

  • Either upgrade your Personal account to Pro or purchase a Team account. Select your billing cycle and payment method and you are ready to go.

  • There are a number of ways you can start a call with another urLive Member. If you have registered an account, log in and go to your Calls Dashboard. From here you can search for anyone who is online and start a call.

  • Alternatively if you know the URL of the member you want to talk to, just type it directly in the browser to navigate to their page. On any public urLive page you will find our communication buttons, select either IM, audio or video to begin your call.

  • IM conversations will open the chat in a new browser window. Wait for the person you have called to join and start your IM chat.

  • Audio / Video Calls will begin to ring the member you are calling. You can enter a message into the IM window to inform the member what the call is about. Once the member picks up you will be able to check your camera and microphone and then hit Start when you are ready

  • Click the link below to watch video on:
    How to make calls?
  • Each conversation is private and accessible to only invited participants. On our Pro and Team plans you can add other participants to the same conversation. Select the + button above the IM window, then add a Member from the search:

  • To add a third member in the call, you can click the chat button in the bottom right corner of the ongoing call screen, which opens another window at the side.

  • Select the + button above the IM window, then add a Member from the search:

  • The Personal Plan provides 1:1 calling, whilst the Pro and Team Plans provide multiparty calling for up to 4 users.

  • When you are logged into urLive you will be notified of incoming calls when your browser window starts to ring, a call notification will appear on the Dashboard icon. In your Call Dashboard you will see an incoming call card which will give you details of the call and a subject line message if the caller has added one. Hit accept and you will be taken directly into the call.

  • If you choose to decline the call it will move to your Call History with a status of Rejected. The caller will be notified that you were unable to take the call.
  • Calls will continue to appear in your Call Dashboard whilst they are ongoing and in progress. You can Rejoin any active calls at any time.

  • Once calls are completed they will move to your Call History with a status of Completed.
  • Any missed calls will also show up in the Call History along with the type of call, who it was from, and the date and time.

  • You can create your own Contacts book of other urLive members for convenience and quick calling.
  • From your Call Dashboard click on the Contacts icon to open your Contacts Book. From here you can add new Contacts or quickly call any of your existing Contacts.

  • By default, your urLive notification for incoming calls is set to Ring Once. To change your ring notification, go to the Call Manager in your Call Dashboard. You can change incoming call notifications to ‘Ring Until Answer’ or set to ‘Silent’.

  • By default, your urLive status is set to show as Online whenever you are logged in. To change your Online status, go to Availability Manager in your Call Dashboard.

  • You have the option to change your Online Status to show as ‘Show When Online’ or set to ‘Private – Always Show As Offline’ whenever you are logged in.

  • Desktop notifications alert you of incoming calls and messages when you are not currently on the browser. To enable desktop notifications in the call manager, click on ‘Allow urlive to send Desktop Notifications’. Your browser will proceed to ask you for permission for url.Live to send you notifications, click on ‘Allow’.
  • For Chrome browser, it looks like this:

  • If you don't get a prompt asking for permission to send notifications, click on the lock symbol on the Address Bar.
Pro Plan
  • On our Personal plan you can show your profile as Online or Offline and manually change this setting. In our Pro plan you can pre-set your availability (Online Status) for different days and times.
  • Once you have upgraded to a Pro account the Availability Calendar will be displayed. Select ‘Based On Availability Schedule’ then enter the days and times in the calendar. Your status will appear as Online for any days and times added and ‘Offline’ for all other times (regardless of if you are logged in).

  • You can drag and expand time slots or delete them with a click of a button. Select Save Changes when you are done. Your online availability will be displayed on your public page in the form of a heatmap. When anyone views your public page they will easily be able to see the best times to call you.
Click the link below to watch the video on:
What's included in our Pro Plan?
  • On our Basic Plan you are notified of anyone that calls your page. If you want greater control over who can contact you our Pro Plan provides the ability to filter and block Calls.
  • Once you have upgraded to a Pro Account you will have the ability in your Call Manager to set your Call Accept Filters. These can be set to:
  • All Calls – All calls will ring through and appear in your Call Dashboard.
  • Only Calls From urLive Members – Only calls from urLive Members will be accepted. Anonymous Calls will go directly to your Call History.
  • Only From My Contacts – Receive calls only from those in your current Contacts Book. Calls from anyone else will go straight to your Call History.
  • Based On Call Accept Schedule – Set the times when you want to receive Calls. Calls on days and times not selected will go straight to your Call history.

  • Callers who are filtered out will receive a notification that you are not accepting calls from this particular group at this time. They can still leave a ‘Subject’ message which you can view in your Call History. Filtered out calls will appear directly in your Call History and show as ‘Completed By Call Manager’.

  • Team plans are ideal if you require more than one person to manage incoming communications to a site. You get a unique Team URL and page to which you can add as many members as you need.
  • Team members are displayed on the Team page and you get to configure how and when calls to the team are routed to members.
  • Purchasing a Team plan includes the ability to up to 6 members who will all get access to Pro features when they are added to the team.
  • Need to add more members to your team? You can purchase additional seats at any time for as little as $16 per month.
  • Click the link below to watch the video on:
    What's included in the Team Plan?
  • Basic and Pro plans are great for individuals. However, if you have a team of people that needs their own Team URL, page and team calling functionality you can purchase a Team account when logged in.
  • Go to 'My Teams' from the top navigation bar to activate and manage teams.

  • To add a new Team select ‘Purchase Team’. You will be taken to the Billing section where you can choose your payment and subscription method and number of seats you wish to add to the team. (The Team Plan comes with 6 seats included which all have access to Pro features.

  • Once you have purchased your Team plan you will be redirected back to My Teams where you can activate the Team you just purchased.
  • Once you have purchased your Team go ahead and ‘Activate This Team’. A new window will open where you can choose the Username for the Team (this will be the teams url address). Enter a Name to be displayed on the Team Page and a Description. Press Activate Team to create your new Team page.

  • The new Team URL will now display in your 'My Teams' list. You can go ahead and preview the new team page and it will open in editable mode. From here you can add an image to personalise your team page, edit team details and add any members you wish to connect to this Team. (Any Members added will automatically gain access to Pro features whilst they are part of the Team). As the person who created the team you will automatically be set as Administrator for the page.

  • Your Public Team page will display any Members that you have added to the Team.
Click the link below to watch the video on:
How to activate your team?
  • To add members to your Team go to your public Team page whilst logged in. Click on the 'Add Member' button to invite members. You can Team members up to the maximum number of seats that have been purchased.

  • Search for Members to invite and choose whether you wish to add them to the team as a Member (view and accept Team calls) or as an Administrator (make changes to Team Page, add and delete members from the Team). An invite will be automatically sent to the added Member (they will show as ‘Invited As Member’ until they accept the invite) If you are the Administrator (you either created the Team or have been set as an Administrator) you can add, delete or edit the details of existing team members.

  • If your team is expanding, we have made it easy for you to add additional seats whenever you need them. From 'My Teams' find the team that you wish to add more seats to and in the Action menu items select 'Add Seats’. You will get a notification of how many Seats are already in your plan. Move the slider based on the total number of Seats you require.

  • Calculate the cost then go ahead and authorize your payment method. The additional seats will be automatically added to your team plan and available to use right away.
  • We pro rate the cost of the additional seats up to the end of your current billing period (thereafter they are charged based on your subscription plan).
Click the link below to watch the video on:
How to add seats to my team?
  • When you have been sent an invite for a team, you will receive a notification.
  • Simply click on this notification to be directed to your Teams Page.

  • Under Actions, a drop down menu will allow you to either accept or decline this invite.

  • The Administrator can set whether incoming calls to the team ring simultaneously to all members at the same time or whether sequential ringing is setup. When logged in, go to the team page URL, select the Team Member who's details you wish to update and then press Edit.

  • A window will appear where you can set incoming Call Notification Delays (in seconds). The time delay set here will establish when and what sequence the Member is notified of an incoming call to the Team page.

Chat Widget
  • Got an existing website or page that you want to add real time communication to?
  • Simply copy the code for our chat widget and paste it into your existing website. Go to the Settings menu, on the bottom left of the Calls Dashboard and select the Chat Widget menu item:

  • Select the relevant code for your HTML site, Wordpress or Wix site and press copy. The code will be available to paste and embed directly into your site.

Click the link below to watch the video on:
Chat Widget feature
  • The IM, audio and video in your urLive conversation is only visible to the participants included in the call. Communication between your browsers is transmitted over an encrypted connection (SSL) and conversations are not recorded or monitored.
  • Only contact information that you choose to display on your public profile is shared with the public. We store the email address that you registered with us in order to communication any changes or updates to your account. We collect your “Personal Information”, which is information about you that is personally identifiable to you. This includes your name, address, email address or phone number. Further information is available in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
  • In order to make a call to a urLive member you do not need to create or register an account. If you wish to claim your own personal URL and receive calls this will require an initial registration of your account. This will involve entering your personal details, like your name and email address into the registration form upon creating an account.
If you enter a call and you do not see your video feed, there may be a problem with the browser permissions or the camera may be in use by another application. Select the Try Again button to re-establish the camera connection. If you are still having issues check the following:
  • Ensure you are using the supported browser – Google Chrome.
  • Check your browser has not been set to deny camera access:
    • Go to browser Settings – Advanced.

    • Under Privacy and Security select Site Settings.

    • Ensure your Camera and Microphone are enabled and not set to Blocked.

  • Close any other applications that maybe using your camera (Skype etc.)
  • Close any other browser windows that maybe using your camera (Hangouts etc.)
    • Re-establish the call when you have checked all the above to ensure your camera and microphone can be used.
  • If you see a white video screen or the other participant is not visible a direct peer to peer connection may not have successfully established. To resolve, hang up the call, clear your browser history and then re-establish the call.
Whenever this happens to you, follow the steps below:
  • Immediately leave the call.
  • Leave the Safari app.
  • Open your Settings app.
  • In the Settings app, go to Safari -> Advanced -> Website Data.
  • On the Website Data page you should see a list of websites including “url.live”, press the “Edit” option in the top right corner
  • Select the red icon beside “url.live”. This will bring up an option to delete this data, press the “delete” option.
  • “url.live” should no longer be in the list of websites.
  • Resume making video calls as usual.
  • If you are in a call and the audio or video quality is distorted try resetting by switching the Audio or Video controls on and off to refresh. If you continue to have issues, hang up the call, clear your browser history and then re-establish the call.
  • Jump out of the call and then rejoin.

  • If the issue persists, try rebooting the device being used. This helps specifically on certain MacBook’s.
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