Superior In-Call Experience Are free conferencing services making you look bad in front of customers by cutting your calls after 40 minutes? Or making you unrecognizable in your fashionable new suit because they’re reducing the bandwidth too much to conserve costs? Or is it difficult to see who you’re talking to because of all of the ads? Simplify your life with urLive and improve your professional image to boot.
HD Quality Crystal clear video and audio using peer-to-peer technology. Make a professional first impression with your customers! Because other services connect all participants to their servers, they try and reduce costs by limiting your call quality. Instead, most urLive calls link via peer-to-peer connections directly between participants. This allows you to utilize your maximum available bandwidth for crystal clear video and HD audio.
Secure Communication Your video, audio and data is encrypted. To safeguard your communication, urLive encrypts both your media (audio and video) and data (messages and transferred files). In case you’re curious, we use widely accepted protocols including Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) to encrypt media and Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) to encrypt data. Learn More
Communication Privacy We don’t show ads or sell your data. urLive believes that everyone has the right to private communication. First, we do not sell any data to third parties so we have no need to collect it. Second, we do not show ads on our service, which also means that we do not collect invasive personal information to target such ads. Simply, urLive values your privacy. Learn More
Simple Screen Sharing Selective sharing of applications or browser tabs. urLive screen sharing is as simple as clicking a button and then selecting what to share. You can share any application, a specific browser tab or your entire screen. Since the screens are shared in HD, participants can easily read your shared text, even on the small screens of mobile phones.
Multi-party Screen Sharing Collaborate with all participants sharing their screen at the same time. urLive allows all participants to share their screens or apps at once. This means that as you’re polishing that important presentation your colleagues can simultaneously search the web for you. Take collaboration and team efficiency to the next level!
Secure Document Sharing Instantly send large files during your call – encrypted and more secure than email. Need to share a file while on a chat and don’t want to wait around for unreliable email? No problem! Just send it from the IM window and be amazed at how quickly large files (up to dozens of megabytes) transfer within seconds. Best of all, both you and the other participants know exactly when the file finishes transferring so you can stop waiting and start discussing.
Multi-party Calling Up to 4 participants per call. Better than 3-way calling on phones, urLive allows up to four participants per call so you can collaborate. Best of all, every participant can change devices and rejoin calls as needed. But stay tuned … we’re expanding to allow more participants per call – coming soon! Learn More
Individual Video/Audio Control Each participant can selectively mute or blank video for any other caller. Barking cats or crying children wrecking your video conferencing experience? Take total control of your calls by quickly identifying and eliminating distractions in the call. Every participant has admin like features to tailor local experience which means that you can selectively turn off the video, or mute the audio, for any other participant.
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