Features Page Innovative Calling
One-Click Team Calling
Callers type your urLive link into the browser and hit enter. No clicking required!
Simple Incoming Calling
Callers don’t need to create accounts or login.
Multiple URLs
URLs which can instantly call you (Video, Audio or IM), schedule calls with you or link to your profile page.
Secure, Private Link
You won’t get Zoom Bombed.
Brandable Link
Claim your company or personal brand username now.
Single Reusable Link
No need to create a new link every time you schedule a new call.
Anywhere Marketing Link
Same urLive link can be used on your website and in email or instant messaging campaigns.
Text/SMS Call Notification
Never miss a call.
Join a simpler way to talk online.
Claim your Free URL username and start talking in seconds. No downloads or complicated installations, simply click to call.