Mobile App urLive includes free mobile apps in our service that ensure you never miss a browser video call. Our apps are available for Apple and Androide devices and even let you easily upgrade traditional phone calls to video calls.
Never Miss A Call Mobile apps notify you of calls even when you’re not logged into your browser. urLive mobile apps display your incoming urLive browser calls as regular phone calls. Stop worrying about staying logged in to your browser to take that important call.
Upgrade Phone Calls Upgrade Phone Calls to Video Calls While on a phone call, use urLive apps to conveniently email or text/SMS your urLive URL link so that you can instantly elevate traditional phone calls to video calls. The recipient just clicks the link that you’ve sent to start the video call and you answer in our app. It’s quick and it’s simple!
Fully Functional Answer all types of communication: Video, Audio, Instant Messaging Using urLive mobile apps answer video calls, audio calls or instant messages quickly and conveniently.
Google Android urLive app for Android phones and tablets. Download our custom designed app for Android devices here . Learn More
HD Quality Crystal clear video and audio using peer-to-peer technology. Make a professional first impression with your customers! Because other services connect all participants to their servers, they try and reduce costs by limiting your call quality. Instead, most urLive calls link via peer-to-peer connections directly between participants. This allows you to utilize your maximum available bandwidth for crystal clear video and HD audio.
Apple iOS urLive app for Apple phones and iPads. Download our custom designed app for Apple devices here . Learn More
Free These feature rich apps are included as part of urLive’s service. We believe urLive mobile apps will simplify your communication so we include for free as part of our service. Simply download, log in to your account and enjoy!
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