Features Page Team Calling
One-Click Team Calling
Single customer click calls your team of up to 100.
Team URL
Custom branded URL per team.
Team Page
Each URL gets its own, customizable team page.
Team Directory
Everyone is listed and can be called directly.
Team Schedule
Team page shows combined team members’ availability.
Simultaneous Notification
Team members alerted all at once.
Sequential Notification
Team members alerted one after the other.
Custom Notification Sequence
Team members alerted in individually selectable order.
Easy Call Transfer
Invite colleagues and hand off calls to them.
Call Transfer between Devices
Move your video call between your mobile phone, laptop or tablet.
Elevate phone call to video
Upgrade active phone calls to video calls by texting your urLive link.
Hot Seats
Replace team members instantly without having to purchase new seat licenses.
Multiple Admins Per Team
Admins can invite new members, configure call notification.
Multiple Team Membership
A member can be on multiple teams.
Free Pro Account
Each team member is instantly upgraded to a Pro Account.
Add Team Members
Increase size of team at any time for a reduced fee.
Join a simpler way to talk online.
Claim your Free URL username and start talking in seconds. No downloads or complicated installations, simply click to call.