Provide Simple, Fast and Personal Customer Support One-click Live Video and Chat at a fixed cost Wow customers with how quickly and effortlessly you resolve their issue when they call you simply from your website without downloading software or creating accounts. Your team answers from their computers or mobile phones and uses HD video and screen sharing to provide superior customer service. Embed our widget on your website and provide modern video customer support for the cost of a phone line.
Simple Calling All your customers need to do is click a link to reach you to begin their service call. They don't need to sign up or install software.
Fixed-Cost Chat Widget Add a link to your website & you show customers that you're available & willing to serve them on their terms -- immediately, in-person and via multiple channels
Screen Sharing A picture is worth a thousand words. It's easier for you to resolve a problem and less stressful on customer when they can both show you the problem and tell you what's going on.
Single-Click Team Calling When customers click to call your company you can set up urLive to ring different members of your team until someone answers. Imagine how that will make your customer feel?
Call Transfer When you need to transfer a customer from one person to another, make the hand-offs personal, quick and easy. Invite your colleague to join your call, make the introduction & leave.
Security Robust security with end-to-end encryption means your conversations and IMs remain private.
Simple, Affordable Pricing for you and your team
Team Call Routing
$100 per month Annual Subscription $120 per month (Monthly Sub.)
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  • checkPersonal URL + Page
  • checkChoice of Public Page
  • checkChat Widget
  • checkMultiParty Calling (4-Way)
  • checkSpam Filter
  • checkAvailability Manager
  • check6 Pro Memberships Included
  • checkPublic Team Page
  • checkTeam Directory
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How do I make calls using urLive? You either click on someone else's link or you sign up for an account and people simply click on yours. How do I receive calls? In your desktop or mobile browser or by downloading the free mobile apps for android and IOS. You can also setup to receive incoming call notifications via SMS. Do I have to download any software? No. Neither you nor people who call you need to download any software. How many people can be on the same call? You can have up to 4 people in any call but you can receive up to 10 calls at the same time.
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